Welcome to Dinqi

So what's Dinqi?

Dinqi is a combined blogging and lifetracking system that allows you to keep an organised record of what you've been up to, while still providing a readable update for Facebook or Twitter.

Add events

Quickly and easily record any kind of event:

"I just read 'Generation-X' by Douglas Coupland"

Sort events

Sort your (or your friend's) events in any way:

"Show me all the books I've read by authors called Douglas"

Share events

Via RSS you can then share any selection of events round the web:

"Whenever I read a book, tell Twitter and Facebook"

Read more about how to share events.

Why 'beta'?

There's bugs in there - pure and simple. Not massive ones I hope, but some...

Let me know if you find one by emailing, tweeting etc. and you can keep up with developments on the Dinqi blog.

Sounds good?

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