Sharing events

You can share your events on Dinqi with lots of other websites, like Facebook, Twitter and (soon) and dozens more.

This is done using an RSS feed, which is a format websites use to share information with each other.

What RSS feed are available?

Dinqi has two types of RSS feed available:

  • Simple status RSS only outputs the latest past entry, as long as it happened in the last 12 hours. It also uses language specifically chosen to suit status updates on sites like Twitter and Facebook. E.g. "Just read Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham. Lovely book, I love Ratty.".
  • Full RSS outputs everything, including related URLs, rating out of five and a link back to more of those kind of entries on Dinqi. It is suitable for your feed reader.

Step one: Getting the RSS address for your events

  1. First go to the list of events in Dinqi that you wish to share, probably your own events, your buddy's events, or maybe just your books and films: It's up to you.
  2. At the bottom of every "view events" page on Dinqi are the links to the RSS feeds. Right-click / option-click on your chosen link and select "copy link location" or "copy link address" or similar.
  3. You now have the RSS address ready to paste elsewhere.

Step two: Share that RSS around

Following your buddy's events

If you use an RSS reader, like Google Reader for example, you can paste the "full RSS" address for your buddy's events straight in there and you're away.

Sharing to Twitter

There's a great little bit of software available called "Twitterfeed" that feeds new entries on an RSS feed to Twitter.

Simply sign up, select "create a new Twitterfeed" and then paste in the "simple status RSS" address of your entries into the box provided, along with the details of your Twitter account.

Sharing to Facebook

As yet, I haven't figured out a direct way to share to Facebook, but if you share to Twitter, then the Twitter Facebook application has an option to update your Facebook status with your latest Twitter entries.

You could also use one of the many RSS applications to display the "full RSS" on your profile.

Coming soon...

There's an application called Pingfeed in development that will allow RSS feeds to be linked to a account. Ping is in turn linked with almost every social networking site out there, which will make sharing Dinqi entries far and wide very easy.

Watch this space...

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