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24 August 2012mathampsonfilmScott Pilgrim vs the World - +7000. Kinda want to watch it again immediately. Rated 4 out of 5.
16 June 2012mathampsonfootball matchVancouver Whitecaps vs. Colorado Rapids - 1-0 to the Whitecaps, with great assistance from the woodwork  
16 June 2012mathampsonconcertThe Dandy Warhols at Commodore Ballroom - Awesome show. Cool 'Come Dancing' style venue too #showingmyage Rated 4 out of 5.
13 June 2012mathampsonfilmLimitless - I'll have what he's having. Rated 4 out of 5.
11 June 2012mathampsonfilm4 Lions - Flawed characters, plot and not many laughs to make up for it. And I *really* wanted to like it. Perhaps that was the problem. Rated 2 out of 5.
10 June 2012mathampsonrestaurantKirin - Dim Sumday  
9 June 2012mathampsonpubThe Whip - Catching up with Lisa & co for the first time in aaages  
27 May 2012mathampsonholidayto UK for 3 weeks 
26 May 2012mathampsonpubThe Edinboro Castle in Camden 
26 May 2012mathampsonmuseumThe British Museaum in London 
25 May 2012mathampsondinner partyat Nik & Sarjana's flat in Lambeth 
25 May 2012mathampsonmuseumThe Natural History Museum in London 
24 May 2012mathampsonpicnicin Lincoln's Inn Fields 
24 May 2012mathampsonmuseumThe National Portrait Gallery in London 
23 May 2012mathampsonpubJaguar Shoes in Shoreditch 
23 May 2012mathampsonboat journeyto Millbank 
23 May 2012mathampsonmuseumTate Modern in Southwark 
23 May 2012mathampsonmuseumTate Britain in Pimlico 
22 May 2012mathampsonpubThe Queens Arms in Victoria 
22 May 2012mathampsonmuseumThe Ashmolean in Oxford 

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