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26 May 2012mathampsonmuseumThe British Museaum in London 
25 May 2012mathampsonmuseumThe Natural History Museum in London 
24 May 2012mathampsonmuseumThe National Portrait Gallery in London 
31 July 2010mathampsonflightto London - My reverse holiday begins. Will be around in the smoke from the 9th: Clear your diaries!  
14 September 2009mathampsonflightto London - Back to blighty after a wicked trip. Next, jetlag!  
16 July 2009mathampsondriveto Oxford from London - Night on the boat before a Friday full of flat chores  
25 May 2009mathampsonflightto Prague from London 
22 May 2009mathampsonflightto London 
10 April 2009mathampsontrain journeyto Bangor from London - 4 hours late on a three hour journey. Thanks for that. Rated 1 out of 5.
19 February 2009mathampsonflightto London from Bangkok 
29 December 2008mathampsondriveto London from Bristol - With Brian for company again  
23 December 2008mathampsondriveto Bristol from London - Drivin' home for Christmas as an awful man once sang  
13 December 2008mathampsoneventSantaCon 08 in London - the rain perhaps took some of the shine off, but nothing the booze couldn't put back on (more info)Rated 4 out of 5.
8 October 2008Splorpdemonic sacrificealong with Mat Hampson in London - sacrificed an earwig Rated 4 out of 5.
27 September 2008charlottemwalkin London with MatRated 5 out of 5.
27 September 2008mathampsonwalkin London with Charlotte - Saw Billy Bragg playing on the south bank, with half the crowd playing along on their own instruments Rated 4 out of 5.
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