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22 May 2012mathampsonmuseumThe Ashmolean in Oxford 
22 May 2012mathampsonmuseumThe Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford 
9 August 2010mathampsondaytripto Oxford - Spent the whole day painting flat #2. Ending with a lovely dinner round at Rich and Sarah's.  
2 August 2010mathampsondaytripto Oxford - Cleaning and painting the new flat with pa. Busy day.  
3 May 2010mathampsonrestaurantBig Bang in Oxford - Decent grub as the backdrop for yet another goodbye outing, this time with my lovely university friends Rated 3 out of 5.
11 April 2010mathampsonweekendin Oxford - A nice jaunt on the boat with Nik and C - willing summer into existance.  
10 April 2010mathampsonrestaurantPierre Victoire in Oxford - Tasty meal with Becky, Ian et al. Particularly good branch that one. Rated 4 out of 5.
20 March 2010mathampsondaytripto Oxford - First boating of the year. Drizzly, but nice to catch up with Rich and Sarah  
20 March 2010mathampsonrestaurantCafe Noir in Oxford - Delicious comfort food in generous portions with tasty wine to boot Rated 4 out of 5.
23 January 2010mathampsondaytripto Oxford - Including dropping in on Tim & family. Now back to the smoke for less wholesome entertainment.  
19 December 2009mathampsondaytripto Oxford 
8 November 2009mathampsondaytripto Oxford - Nippy but beautiful last day's boating before winter. Roll on April...  
18 October 2009mathampsondaytripto Oxford - First bit of boating for ages, and unexpectedly bumped into my bud Tim on the river too.  
4 August 2009mathampsondaytripto Oxford - Ambitious trip to make after work - especially since I'm just leaving Oxford at 11...  
17 July 2009mathampsondriveto Bristol from Oxford - Back to see the folks and chill for the weekend  
16 July 2009mathampsondriveto Oxford from London - Night on the boat before a Friday full of flat chores  
4 May 2009mathampsonweekendin Oxford with Charlotte 
3 May 2009mathampsonrestaurantAl Shami in Oxford - Out on the town with Charlotte after an afternoon's boat DIY  
3 May 2009mathampsonpubMal Maison in Oxford - Cocktails the hotel inside the former prison. Amazing place, well worth a visit. Rated 5 out of 5.
19 April 2009mathampsonweekendin Oxford with Kirin, Rich, Sarah, Kathy and Rollo - Kicking off the boating season  

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