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16 June 2012mathampsonVancouver Whitecaps vs. Colorado Rapids - 1-0 to the Whitecaps, with great assistance from the woodwork  
11 July 2010mathampsonNederlands vs. Spain - Watched in a Greek restaurant in Canada with Swiss and Indonesian company. Good game, gutted for the Dutch though...  
27 June 2010mathampsonEngland vs. Germany - Balls.  
18 June 2010mathampsonEngland vs. Algeria - In the Lions with Gaz and Hilary. Another missed win. Sort it out lads.  
12 June 2010mathampsonEngland vs. USA - Not as dismal performance as everyone else thought,but then I'm ever an optimist. Nice to meet Gaz, Hills and friends for the first time too.  
31 January 2010mathampsonEgypt vs. Ghana - Only watched the first half, in a cafe in Cairo - was gutted to have to leave for the train at half time though.  
6 June 2009mathampsonKazakhstan vs. England - 0-4. Not wholly deserved: Why do we always play badly against weak opposition?  
27 May 2009mathampsonMan U vs. Barcelona - Well, more precisely caught up with Rich while Utd got mullered in the background  
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