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26 May 2012mathampsonThe British Museaum in London 
25 May 2012mathampsonThe Natural History Museum in London 
24 May 2012mathampsonThe National Portrait Gallery in London 
23 May 2012mathampsonTate Modern in Southwark 
23 May 2012mathampsonTate Britain in Pimlico 
22 May 2012mathampsonThe Ashmolean in Oxford 
22 May 2012mathampsonThe Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford 
28 June 2011mathampsonVancouver Art Museum - By donation evening, with pretty comprehensive Surrealist exhibition - though few world-famous items in there.  
10 June 2011mathampsonMusee des fine arts in Montreal - Excellent and free permanent collection in an interesting new building. Fancy old building over the road sadly closed for restoration.  
5 June 2011mathampsonMusee d'art contemporain in Montreal - Not massive, but many familiar names and a nice building, and only $10 so well worth it Rated 3 out of 5.
5 June 2011mathampsonArt Gallery of Ontario in Toronto - Awesome Gehry-designed building, and a large and beautiful collection. Sad to only have an hour there. Rated 5 out of 5.
31 January 2010mathampsonCairo Museum - Fascinating to see so many things I've read or heard about, from Tut's hoard to the Narmer palette to Akhenaten's unique heretical statues. Rated 5 out of 5.
27 January 2010mathampsonthe Science Museum - The monthly 'Lates' evening. Kid free, with bars throughout: A regular fixture from here on Rated 4 out of 5.
2 August 2009mathampsonThe National Gallery - Looking for an exhibition that opens in June 2010. Oops.  
1 February 2009mathampsonTate Modern - Then a wonder along South Bank in the snow. Brilliant.  
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