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9 June 2012mathampsonThe Whip - Catching up with Lisa & co for the first time in aaages  
26 May 2012mathampsonThe Edinboro Castle in Camden 
23 May 2012mathampsonJaguar Shoes in Shoreditch 
22 May 2012mathampsonThe Queens Arms in Victoria 
1 May 2012mathampsonEl Caminos - Beer & tacos in celebration of Jo's 41st Tuesday  
26 April 2012mathampson8 1/2 - Back to an old favourite for the weekly post-badminton drinkies  
24 March 2012mathampsonNarrow Lounge - Fun evening in a great hidden find on Main with Nick and Robyn.  
17 March 2012mathampsonThe Hub - St Paddy's day with the visiting Tomtin and Hayley  
30 January 2012mathampsonAlibi Room in Gas Town - Fun departure drinks with the OMI crew.  
28 January 2012mathampsonBarney's Cafe - A few last minute Saturday night drinks with Robyn  
4 May 2011abedfordNothing but the Blues bar in Soho - Met up with an old friend Cara and her boyfriend here and stayed for some wicked music. Jimmy and the Blues Dragons was the name of the band. Free entry, open till well after 12, awesome place. Rated 5 out of 5.
12 April 2011mathampsonHabit - Name That Tune bingo night, and a chance to catch up with Mike and Jen  
1 April 2011mathampsonCorduroy - Making the most of Gaz 'n Ed before they both escape home  
17 March 2011mathampsonBilly Bishop - St Patrick's day outing with Gaz, Hils, Ed, Sophie and Robyn  
10 March 2011mathampsonChaise in Main Street - Poutine avoidance with Robyn's visitors  
4 February 2011mathampsonYaletown Brewing Co. - Out for a raucous night with Lisa and friends. Nearly lost my voice trying to be heard :)  
25 January 2011mathampsonThree Lions - Trying out a new pub quiz, on Burns night, with free haggis to prove it, and an extended pool session at Fairview to improve it.  
22 January 2011mathampsonBierCraft in Cambie - Trying out the Belgian beer place with Robyn. God beer list, but pretty damn pricy  
7 January 2011mathampsonFairview - Boozy night out with Gaz, Hils, Ed, Sophie and Brad. Not my finest pool hour though.  
31 December 2010mathampsonThe Billy Bishop in Kits - New years shenanigans with almost everyone at the Canadian Legion pub.  

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