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Past events

DateUserEvent typeEvent descriptionRating
22 May 2012museumThe Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford 
21 May 2012dinner partyat Rich and Sarah's house 
21 May 2012boat journeyto The Thames 
19 May 2012daytripto Bradford on Avon 
1 May 2012pubEl Caminos - Beer & tacos in celebration of Jo's 41st Tuesday  
29 April 2012filmInception - Rewatching with Nick & Hannah. Much clearer second time through.  
28 April 2012dinner partyat Columbia St - Having Lisa over for a bite and an evening's chatting  
27 April 2012albumBlueprint 3 by Jay ZRated 4 out of 5.
26 April 2012pub8 1/2 - Back to an old favourite for the weekly post-badminton drinkies  
22 April 2012bookThe Hipless Boy by Solly - Great, ideas led graphic book of short stories Rated 5 out of 5.
20 April 2012bookSlaughterhouse 5 by Kurt VonnegutRated 3 out of 5.
14 April 2012filmHeat - Still epic 17 years later, with barely a tiny misstep in dialogue or direction. Rated 4 out of 5.
13 April 2012dinner partyat Jo's - Gettin tipsy with Nick, Hannah, and the hosts.  
9 April 2012long weekendin Galiano Island - Showing Robyn the gulf islands for the first time. Log cabin, wood burning stove and Orcas.  
25 March 2012snowshoe hikeat Cypress Mountain - Finally got up into the mountains this winter. Glorious day.  
24 March 2012pubNarrow Lounge - Fun evening in a great hidden find on Main with Nick and Robyn.  
19 March 2012filmThe Brothers Grimm - Matt Damon, Heath Ledger, and some weird but good English accents Rated 3 out of 5.
18 March 2012restaurantKirin - Dim sum with the roomies.  
17 March 2012pubThe Hub - St Paddy's day with the visiting Tomtin and Hayley  
16 March 2012filmMidnight in Paris - Everyone loves a Woody. Wish I could have picked up more of the classic lit in-jokes though. Rated 4 out of 5.

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