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25 May 2012at Nik & Sarjana's flat in Lambeth 
21 May 2012at Rich and Sarah's house 
28 April 2012at Columbia St - Having Lisa over for a bite and an evening's chatting  
13 April 2012at Jo's - Gettin tipsy with Nick, Hannah, and the hosts.  
21 January 2011at Gaz & Hills - A nice evening of cheat and Cariboo  
3 December 2010at Randy's - Nice pot-luck evening with Robyn and the tennis team.  
19 November 2010at Jo's place - Civilised dinner party, meeting some of Jo's work friends alongside an awesome stew  
13 November 2010at Yee's in Burnaby - Usual delicious dinner and shouty enthusiastic company.  
22 October 2010at Jen's swanky pad - Nice evening with my new roomies in celebration of Lisa's graduation and birthday  
3 October 2010at Jo's place - Nice chilled evening introducing the folks to Pebbles  
3 September 2010at Yee's place - Delicious hot pot, with astonishing selection (and amount) of things to throw in.  
15 August 2010at Wilton Road - Relatively quiet evening in with Nik, Dave & Steve, watching the sun set from the roof  
27 June 2010at Randy's massive deck 
22 March 2010at Victoria - Catching up with Rich over a slapped together roast chicken salad  
14 February 2010at Tom's place - Rugby and fantastic home made curry with Ben, Kim, Tom and Emily  
20 December 2009at Hannah's place - Christmas comes early again, with all the trimmings and a festive film too. Lovely.  
12 May 2009at our place - Ending the evening with a couple of fiercely contested rounds of Buzz on PS2. Old skool.  
22 January 2009at my place in Victoria - Cooking for 9?! - luckily Brian's torte served as adequate distraction to my cheffery...  
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