mathampson's 'pub' entries

Past events

DateUserEvent typeEvent descriptionRating
9 June 2012The Whip - Catching up with Lisa & co for the first time in aaages  
26 May 2012The Edinboro Castle in Camden 
23 May 2012Jaguar Shoes in Shoreditch 
22 May 2012The Queens Arms in Victoria 
1 May 2012El Caminos - Beer & tacos in celebration of Jo's 41st Tuesday  
26 April 20128 1/2 - Back to an old favourite for the weekly post-badminton drinkies  
24 March 2012Narrow Lounge - Fun evening in a great hidden find on Main with Nick and Robyn.  
17 March 2012The Hub - St Paddy's day with the visiting Tomtin and Hayley  
30 January 2012Alibi Room in Gas Town - Fun departure drinks with the OMI crew.  
28 January 2012Barney's Cafe - A few last minute Saturday night drinks with Robyn  
12 April 2011Habit - Name That Tune bingo night, and a chance to catch up with Mike and Jen  
1 April 2011Corduroy - Making the most of Gaz 'n Ed before they both escape home  
17 March 2011Billy Bishop - St Patrick's day outing with Gaz, Hils, Ed, Sophie and Robyn  
10 March 2011Chaise in Main Street - Poutine avoidance with Robyn's visitors  
4 February 2011Yaletown Brewing Co. - Out for a raucous night with Lisa and friends. Nearly lost my voice trying to be heard :)  
25 January 2011Three Lions - Trying out a new pub quiz, on Burns night, with free haggis to prove it, and an extended pool session at Fairview to improve it.  
22 January 2011BierCraft in Cambie - Trying out the Belgian beer place with Robyn. God beer list, but pretty damn pricy  
7 January 2011Fairview - Boozy night out with Gaz, Hils, Ed, Sophie and Brad. Not my finest pool hour though.  
31 December 2010The Billy Bishop in Kits - New years shenanigans with almost everyone at the Canadian Legion pub.  
14 December 2010The Morrisey - Birthday shenanigans with all my non-tennis-y buds  

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